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The tried and true way to be involved is to participate in our democracy. Parlor 145 presents the information below for the voting public in the Calistoga area; and does not endorse any particular political party.

Believe it or not, elected officials do actually pay attention to letters, phone calls, email, and even telegrams (yes—you can still send a telegram—a real person delivers it!—about $40 for a couple of sentences).

Be an informed citizen! Find out what your elected officials are doing by visiting their websites, then contact them with your opinions.

Federal Representatives

Barbara Boxer, U.S. Senator, Website, Contact
Diane Fienstein, U.S. Senator, Website, Contact
Mike Thompson, U.S. Representative of California's 1st District, Website, Contact

State Representatives

Edmund G. Brown, Jr., Governor, Website, Contact
Noreen Evans, State Senator, District 2, Website, Contact
Lois Wolk, State Senator, District 3, Website, Contact
Mariko Yamada, State Assembly Representative, Website, Contact

County Representatives

Dianne Dillon, County Supervisor, Vice Chair, District 3, Website, Contact

Local Representatives (City of Calistoga Website)

Chris Canning, Mayor, Contact
Michael Dunsford, Vice Mayor, Contact
Gary Kraus, Councilmember, Contact
James Barnes, Councilmember, Contact
Irais Lopez-Ortega, Councilmember, Contact

Charities and Non-Profit Organizations

Parlor 145 does not endorse these charities. We are listing them here as public information, so that you can explore the different charitable options available in our small town.

What was life like without the Internet? A lot slower! Maybe that's not a bad thing. But the Internet is here to stay and we should reap its bounty. Below are links which might help you in your future charitable endeavors.

The following links are from the Urban Institute's National Center for Charitable Statistics:

Historical Preservation Links





Pending Legislation plus Existing Laws and Codes Links


Most people don't know what their elected representative actually do. With the magic of the internet and those indefatigable information heroes at the Library of Congress, you can find out instantly (well, almost). Pay a visit to the Thomas Register run by the Library of Congress. You can easily search all the bills sponsored by senator or representative. It also has the history of bills passed into law or not, as well as access to all existing federal laws.

State of California

Go to Not as comprensive as the Thomas register; but has prretty nifty search tool where you can search by keyword in any upcoming bills. The text of all of California's existing state laws are available at

County of Napa

Some legislative and lots of resource info available for residents of Napa Valley awaits you at

City of Calistoga

Don't forget that our fair city also maintains a lot of good information on their website at